Is your business truly tax efficient?

Every day – somewhere in the world – tax regulations, rules and treaties change. Strategies that reduced taxes yesterday may not work today. New opportunities to save money could be missed – especially as you enter new markets. The talented tax staff in your organization might not have time to keep up with each nuance. Your current tax advisor may think your company is too small for personal attention – or your advisor may be too small to serve you.
Successful companies consider tax implications before they make business decisions, so they do not pay more than their legal obligation. This makes international tax compliance, consulting, and structuring a crucial element in your global strategy.


Are you making the best decision for your company’s future?
Many acquisitions fail to live up to expectations. The reasons range from poor deal structure, poor strategic fit, failure to identify problems with the quality of earnings, overly optimistic estimates of synergies, to lack of an integration plan.
Evaluating a company in another country compounds these risks. You are dealing with a different language and cultural barriers; different business ethics, legal systems, filing regulations, and accounting principles; transfer pricing that affects taxation – and often government involvement.
But international deals often provide the best growth opportunities. They can offer improved returns from economies of scale, new target markets for existing products/services, access to commodity materials, and a hedge against seasonality.
Even savvy managements and private equity investors cannot know everything they should to make a deal successful, so they need an experienced international advisor.


Risk Consulting

Are you meeting or exceeding today’s elevated standards for risk management?  

As an international business, you manage a challenging array of risks on multiple fronts: strategic, operations, compliance, and reporting. Today’s stakeholders – including shareholders, customers, and employees – expect high standards.

While cultures and customs vary, the language of identifying and monitoring risks is consistent in leading boardrooms and management suites throughout the world. Effective and consistent risk management gives you and your employees the confidence to focus on achieving your organization’s key business objectives.

Along with every risk comes opportunity. Therefore, leading organizations carefully assess and evaluate their portfolio of risks and allocate appropriate resources to identify and manage their key risks more effectively than competitors do. For such organizations, having an effective risk management function is now an essential management discipline.


Accounting Services

We handle various types of bookkeeping services that facilitate the smooth and successful functioning of your business. For years, we have been the accountant of choice for a large number of small to medium businesses in different parts of the world. Our accounting services help our clients keep their financial issues in order and minimize tax related risks. Our portfolio of accounting services includes:

  • General ledger, sales and purchase ledgers
  • Multi-currency reporting
  • Consolidated accounts and group reporting (including IFRS)
  • Reports to management including key performance indicators and noteworthy issues
  • Project accounting
  • Control account reconciliations
  • Stock accounting
  • VAT compliance accounting, including Intrastat
  • Payroll and taxes computation
  • Financial and fiscal annual, monthly and quarter reporting
  • Budgetary control



We offer our clients a wide range of educational and training programs. We focus on intra-firm seminars for client personnel and regional conferences feature business development in Eastern Europe and CIS countries. Topics include: 

  • Corporate and individual taxation in Eastern Europe 
  • Courses for accountants and auditors 
  • undefined" sizset="true" sizcache06956684966735276="1462 72 139">Internal control and fraud prevention 
  • International taxation 
  • Commercial and civil legislation seminars 
  • Team work training  
  • Management of annual meetings and conferences 
  • Special programs based on client needs 
  • On-line courses 
  • Special events and presentations 


Valuation of real estate

We value property for the purposes of:

o    security for loans,

o    purchase and sale,

o    financial reporting,

o    registration of share capital,

o    resolution of ownership conflicts.

We value both developed and vacant plots of land.

We establish the possible future market value for properties that are not yet in existence, but which will be constructed or repaired.

We value investments made by the users of property. This sphere of valuation may be considered to be our company’s specialism, as we have developed a methodology for valuing investments based on the provisions of the Azerbaijan Civil Code.

We perform analysis of market data for various types of property.

The solid foundation of our strategy is quality in all aspects of this concept – quality with respect to client service, quality with respect to the valuation result, and quality with respect to the presentation of the valuation report. Every valuation assignment is carried out in accordance with the principles of professional ethics; our conclusions are supported by our personal experience. In our work we observe complete confidentiality – our clients may be absolutely sure that information that is passed over to us will on no account be disclosed to any third parties.

The fee structure for our work is reasonable and flexible, since our attitude towards our clients and our work is based on honesty and fairness